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SEF offers practical services to its members.


- Quality advocacy and legal protection for members.

- Workplace issues are resolved in a consultative manner.

- All member issues are completed and not left unresolved.

- Receive an initial response to your issue within one business day.

 How We Can Help You 

Workplace Protection

SEF's expert industrial support team are considered to be some of Australia's best. SEF guarantees expert industrial support to ensure you're represented for a variety of workplace issues. Most importantly, we guarantee a resolution to your issue.

Legal Representation

SEF Membership

Your subscription to Self-Employed First (SEF) grants you access to all of our services to ensure you receive the protection you need.

Workers Shaking Hands Services

Red Protect - Workplace Advocacy

  • Advocacy on workplace policy, procedures and system change.
  • Advocating for workplace change by applying pressure to governments and employers through the media or political system.
EB Services


Self-Employed First (SEF) is an organisation whose principal purpose is to protect and promote the interests of its self-employed members. We promote our members' interests by advocating for their rights, helping to negotiate fair contracts and other services.

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