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Self-Employed First

Whether you're a self-employed tradie, retailer, IT professional, owner-driver, hairdresser or another self-employed person, you need practical services. SEF members receive quality advocacy and protection for a very affordable price.

 About Us 


Self-Employed First Puts You First.

Regardless of your industry, as a self-employed person you have a right to conduct your business as you see fit...
Or at least, that used to be the case.

The ALP government (with virtually no opposition from the LNP) want to force you to become an employee. Incredible but true! Plus they are imposing many restrictions on you to force you into union membership.

Take “owner-drivers” for example. They want to force you off the road and replace you with employee-union-member fleet drivers of big transport firms. They want you to lose not just your shirt but also your house.

Whether you’re a self-employed tradie, retailer, IT professional, owner-driver
including rideshare driver, hairdresser, or other self-employed professional, you need practical services. 

Self-Employed First is supported by the Red Union Support Hub. This is the group that removed compulsory union memberships for teachers, nurses, doctors and police officers who don’t vote for the ALP.

 Red Union's Achievements 

  • They stopped over half of their membership fees from being used to support political games (ALP etc).
  • Through Red Union, Self Employed First brings strength and resources to look after you. This includes specialist lawyers, insurance agents, people with high knowledge of regulations that squeeze your business and policy analysts for the big-picture advocacy work.


 What We Can Do For You 

  • Activate your rights to fair contracts through unfair contract laws. Don’t let big business beat you up.
  • Defend you against union intrusions into your business under the expanded reach of the new industrial relations laws. Don’t let unions beat you
  • Help you with Workcover and Payroll tax issues.
  • Assist with ATO dramas.
  • And more.

    We have the knowledge, the people, the organisation, the resources and the experience to give you the support and guidance never before made available to you as a self-employed person.

    Being your own boss is demanding and rewarding. You deserve to be put first. 

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 Proudly Supported by Red Union 

SEF is proudly supported by Red Union Support Hub.

Red Union Support Hub is the umbrella organisation that supports nurses, teachers, doctors, police officers, transport workers and miscellaneous workers all across Australia.

By joining, you will be joining a group of members over 18,000 strong!

By referring a friend to any Red Union, you will receive a discount on your next membership payment. See which unions you can refer to here.

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Self-Employed First (SEF) is an organisation whose principal purpose is to protect and promote the interests of its self-employed members. We promote our members' interests by advocating for their rights, helping to negotiate fair contracts and other services.

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